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Merry Merry!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone has a safe & happy holiday! I hope the weather calms down in the United Kingdom for my friends there!!

What is this Fuckwittery??

Work is difficult. There is the normal difficulty of working in the medical field.....and then, there's my coworker. Ahh, my coworker is the most unique person I have ever met! She is rude to patients, coworkers, and even bosses. She has over 20 years of experience and she still messes up basic exams. She is defensive, paranoid, and very short tempered. I don't know why she still has a job! It's very confusing to me. Our boss does a great job at most things but she is not good with confrontation. I understand that since that is my weak point also. (Thank you to my alcoholic parents). But there is a point when something should be done for the patients sake!!! I guess I could come into work naked and screaming at everyone and nothing would happen!! No, wait...I would so be fired!!! Thanks for putting up with my venting!!!

My wish

My birthday wish is that I wish I could have 1% of Dean Winchester's courage.........and...well, I gotta say I wish I had 100% of Dean Winchester's body!!


I watch the flotsam & jetsam of my life swirling about me. I randomly take debris and try to fit it into the puzzle that is my existence. Some pieces fit smoothly and give me a sense of well being. Others tear at my body, leaving me bloody and lost.

I'm not sure what to make of this place I am stuck in while I try to figure out....or justify....my life. I feel like I am in a large ante room getting ready to step up into the next chapter of my story. Or maybe I will fall into nothingness before I can reach the next step. Am I being fanciful? Maybe, but I can't shake the fingers of doom skittering down my spine.
MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!! I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and a joyous New Year!!!!!


SQUEEEEE!!!!!!! I have no words right now....I will try to make coherent remarks soon.....let me just say for now.....I HUGGED JENSEN, JARED, MISHA, RICHARD, MATT, BROCK, CORKY, & ASH(sry blanking on his name!) WHHHHEEEEEEEE!!!!!

p.s. How do you load a damn pic?!?!

Nashville gold ticket 4 sale & J2 photo!!!

1 gold ticket for Nashville SPN convention for sale with J2 photo...my best friend had to cancel! :( call Robin @ 615-294-5468! The price is 500$ for both!


Fuck! I am in the hospital, trying to keep positive.....the fact that SPN is coming on tonight, with Jensen's directorial debut no less, keeps me very happy....until 8pm & no SPN?!?!? This damn hospital doesn't carry the CW!!! AAUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!! Please, someone come spring me from this hellhole!!!

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Show has finally broken me!! (spoilery)

I am really unable to think coherently...not that that is my strong suit....I am not good at the meta thinky thing like missyjack and others.....I am just numb....I was sobbing from the beginning with Chuck telling the story of the Impala and the boys.....Sam saying goodbye to Dean...then Bobby....and Cas...thank god (or you know...whatever) for a little comedy relief there!!!  Sam&Dean broke my heart over and over and over....it was so amazing....and idek what to think......someone said on another post that Chuck was God......idk.....WTF.....I just know that I am drunk and have a headache from sobbing so much.....I have never been so invested in a show........sigh.......and really....just so you know.....I blame you livejournal people.....I found you through Supernatural.....and now I can't let go......auggghhhhh......how am I gonna make it......what are you doing Sam?!?!?!?!?!?! go claim your otp!!!!!!!!!!  oh fuck!!!!!!!!



HEY ALL!!!   I am sick as a dog and I don't care.....because.....tonight.....finally......SAM&DEAN!!!